• Wildcard Matching

    The solution is as given at . In the below implementation, I have tried to use variables that are self explanatory in what they are doing. I guess this shall help remove any doubts.

  • CS 294 - Lecture 1 Hand Written Notes, Pointers and Interesting Quotes, Examples

    Having completed CS 231N and CS 224N last month, today, I started to begin with Berkeley’s Fall 2017 CS 294 available online. I always regretted not being able to blog my learnings from CS 224N and CS 231N and I plan to do that for sure when I (if) I go through the 2018 iterations of them. But, I didn’t want to miss regular blogging for CS 294, especially because I am finding reinforcement learning to have very interesting applications, especially in robotics. And, after going through the Lecture 1 video, my interest in the field has increased even more and I have started feeling RL as the real AI problem, as mentioned in one of the slides in the lecture.

  • Graphs and their Representations

    In this post, I am going to talk about the Graph Data Structure and various ways in which Graphs can be represented, alongwith their Pros and Cons. We shall also be implementing one such representation here - “Adjacency List” in Python.

  • Hello, World !!!

    Alright, Hello World !!! (Well, this became my favourite set of words when I heard them from David J. Malan when I took CS50 2015 at EdX, my first formal course in CS.)

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