Alright, Hello World !!! (Well, this became my favourite set of words when I heard them from David J. Malan when I took CS50 2015 at EdX, my first formal course in CS.)

So, this marks the beginning of I don’t know how is it going to be, so, I should say, another path of my life ! If you don’t know already from my About Me page, I am too fond of sharing whatever new I learn. And also, at this particular time, I am daily learning a lot of things, especially in programming, which is my first love, actually ! So, I thought to start a blog to share my knowledge with the public, and, in through that, would be able to learn a lot more stuff. Also, I feel it keeps one motivated.

One can expect a post almost every alternate day, if not daily, depending upon my time availabilities. I would try to keep most of the content related to programming and my knowledge sharing, and all of the content would be beginner to intermediate friendly, as I am of the opinion that you can be sure of understanding a concept fully, when you are able to successfully teach that to a beginner. For the near future, I guess most posts are going to be regarding Data Structures and Algorithms and their implementation in C or Python.

Python has always been my favourite language. I use it day in and day out for my projects and also, for competitive programming ! Ah yeah, you can expect some posts on Competitive programming too, where i would explain my solutions to various problems. Python tips and tricks are also expected to be shared here. Overall, in short, it would be my “share-what-I-learn” centre.

So, welcome !! I hope this would be a knowledge enriching blog for one and for all, including me.